Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Amber Heard accused of ‘orchestrating’ Johnny Depp finger injury


Hollywood actor Amber Heard is in the news again as allegations of her orchestrating Johnny Depp’s finger incident are making rounds.

A woman who goes by the alias Gia has made the findings.

She claimed that she ‘matched’ the handwriting on Johnny Depp’s mirror with the one on letter she received from the Aquaman star.

Gia alleged that she got a note from the actor after spending time with her. The handwriting on it caught the attention of the observers.

The observers highlighted the resemblance in handwriting and referenced journal entries by Amber Heard with Johnny Depp and concluded that the culprit was actually her.

It caused many people to allege the actor staged the entire story in the trial and wrote the mirror writings after her former spouse was taken to hospital have his flesh attached.

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It is pertinent to mention that Johnny Depp previously claimed that Amber Heard in 2015 threw a large glass vodka bottle at him which hit the countertop where his hand was resting and thus caused his finger to ‘shatter, ultimately severing his fingertip’.

“I had to have three surgeries to reconstruct my finger and contracted MRSA three times,” Depp recorded the statement during the initial declaration of the ongoing $50 million defamation lawsuit filed by him against his former wife Amber Heard. “I feared that I would lose my finger, my arm, and my life.”

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David Kipper – the current doctor of Johnny Depp and former physician of his ex-wife Amber Heard – had initially said he was unaware of the cause of injury. When questioned about his text conversation with Depp claiming ‘the actor had cut his own finger’, he said, “I think that’s what it said, yes.”

Moreover, the doctor also revealed that the actor told the ER doctor that he had cut his own finger with a knife. As per the doctor, no injuries were found on Heard at that time, while a chef found Depp’s fingertip in the Kitchen area.

As per Kipper’s testimony, there was blood around the home and a broken glass was noticed, however, no bloodstains were found on the glass specifically.


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