Sunday, June 26, 2022

Bride cancels wedding as groom comes late at function


A bride in India cancelled her wedding because the groom came late to the function. 

An India-based news agency reported that the auspicious time of the wedding was 01:45 am and the baarat was to leave at 09:45 pm.

However, it was delayed for hours as the groom and his friends were dancing in a drunken state. 

The bride and her family members got fed up with the commotion and cancelled the wedding. They said the groom and his relatives were inconsiderate of the institution.

They decided to get the woman married to someone else. 

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The groom’s relatives filed a complaint. 

The bride’s side accused the opposing party of being inconsiderate. They added they will have the same mindset regarding the institution in the future. 

The two parties then mutually agreed that the incident happened because of their family differences. 

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We have seen weddings getting cancelled for many bizarre reasons.

A bride refused to marry the groom after she saw him chewing ‘Gutka’ during the marriage ceremony in India’s Uttar Pradesh.

According to the details, the incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district on 5th of June. The bride, hailing from Mishrauli village, immediately decided to call the wedding off when the groom arrived with the marriage procession and she saw him chewing “gutka.”

Even after hours of persuasion, when the bride refused to relent, the wedding was called off and the families decided to return the dowry gifts.


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