Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Coal filled freight train derails near Sukkur, 4 passenger trains effected


SUKKUR: A freight train filled to the brim with coal derailed on Sunday, four trains travelling on the track of the derailed train were made to stop their respective journey’s to remove the derailed train and clear the track again, ARY News reported.

According to details, one of the bogeys of the freight train went completely off-track and the locomotive dodged a serious accident.

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No damage to life or property was reported in the incident, teams are currently working to remove the affected bogey from the train.

The remaining carriages will be allowed to continue on their merry way after the derailed bogey is detached, rescue sources revealed.

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Earlier on January 26, The railway traffic restored the tracks for traffic from Lahore to Karachi after the derailment of a bogey of the Business Express near Khairpur ARY News reported on Sunday.

“The Up Track restored after five hours of the incident,” Divisional Traffic Officer (DTO) Railways said in a statement.


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