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Air ambulance makes technical landing at Islamabad airport

ISLAMABAD: An air ambulance has made a technical landing at Islamabad International Airport after taking off from Kolkata to Azerbaijan, citing sources, ARY News reported on Monday.

The air ambulance which took flight from Indian city Kolkata to its destination in Azerbaijan’s Baku made a technical landing at Islamabad airport, sources told ARY News.

The aviate of the air ambulance sought permission from the air traffic controller to land in Islamabad which was granted by the ATC. Later, the air ambulance departed for its destination in Baku after re-fuel, sources added.

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Earlier in January, a private airline’s plane had landed immediately after it took off for Sharjah from Islamabad International Airport following technical fault mid-air.

The plane had developed a technical fault in its hydraulic system soon after the take-off which led the captain to approach the control tower for permission for technical landing.

The captain had been asked to consume the fuel of the plane mid-air and following the process, it was landed at the airport successfully.



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