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Altaf has full control over MQM, Sattar is confused: Amir

Liaquat, who recently left MQM for the same reason, maintained that party chief Altaf Hussain has full control over MQM and whatever Farooq Sattar is doing is a result of “confusion”.

“A petition was  filed in Supreme Court seeking ban on MQM. Hence, Farooq Sattar was left with Hobson’s choice of disassociation with Altaf,” he said while talking to ARY News.

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Amir Liaquat claimed that he had asked Farooq Sattar to disassociate the party from Altaf Hussain after MQM chief’s anti-Pakistan statements but then Farooq Sattar declined.

Amir came down hard on Sattar’s presser and opined that the media talk was more regarding the demolition of party offices than the immediate need of complete dissociation from Altaf Hussain.

“Why are MQM leaders not changing their party constitution which gives supreme powers to Altaf Hussain?” he asked.

About Sattar’s claim of conspiracies to make new MQMs, Liaquat maintained that “None wants to name a party as MQM as the name MQM has now been associated with anti-Pakistan people”.

Amir also claimed that the silence of Karachiites upon demolishing of MQM offices showed that Karachiites love Pakistan more than MQM.

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Earlier, in a press conference, MQM senior leader Farooq Sattar again announced party’s dissociation from its founder’s statements and the party’s London chapter.

Sattar also protested razing of MQM offices in Karachi and Sindh and demanded that party offices,  whether they are legal or illegal should be done after taking MQM into confidence



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