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Farooq Sattar registers protest over razing of MQM offices

In a press conference, Sattar claimed that some of the legally built MQM offices were also razed, adding that the timing of the act is conspicuous.

“If these offices are illegal, you should come to me, Khawaja Izhar and Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and take us into confidence,” said Sattar.

He also announced that MQM’s mayor-elect Waseem Akhtar will himself start an operation against illegal settlements across the city and the operation will start from bringing down such ‘illegal’ MQM offices.

Sattar also ermed the sealing of party offices especially party headquarters Nine Zero as “unconstitutional” and urged the prime minister to take notice of the situation.

He also complained that the makeshift MQM office in PIB Colony’s Ghanchi Hall has also received a notice from police that a marriage hall cannot be used for political activities.

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Birth of new MQMs

Sattar, who recently announced party’s Pakistan chapter’s dissociation from its London wing, claimed that conspiracies are afoot to make at least four to five MQMs.

“As we announced our dissociation from MQM London, then we are considered a new MQM. Then there is already another faction of MQM which I would not like to name. MQM-Haqiqi, is in archives and sometimes raises noise to make its presence felt but I feel that till this operation lasts, there may emerge another MQM,” said Sattar.

He added that issuance of news like “MQM London terrorists arrested” will lead people to think that another MQM has been formed.

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Let us work

Sattar repeated that MQM Pakistan has dissociated itself from Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan statements and urged all and sundry to let his party work to prove its loyalty with Pakistan and its people.

“Now we have no connection with MQM founder Altaf Hussain and MQM London,” said Sattar, asking what sort of statement will satisfy those who continuously demand more from MQM Pakistan.





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