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Karachi building collapse incidents soar to four this year; claim 50 lives

KARACHI: After the collapse of yet another residential building in Karachi on Thursday, which claimed at least one life and left at least six people injured, the total number of building collapsed this year soared to four, killing 50 people and injuring scores, ARY NEWS reported.

One person was killed and six got injured after a four-storey residential structure collapsed in Korangi’s Allah Wala Town on Thursday. The ill-fated incident marks the fourth such event since the beginning of the year 2020 and followed in the course of all regrettable collapses starting from March.

First one of these incidents was a multi-storey residential building in Karachi’s Golimar area back in March with the number of casualties following the collapse spiked to 27.

Taking action against the suspects in the collapse case, Rizvia police investigation team produced three accused including a director of the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) before the court of Judicial Magistrate Central and sought their physical remand.

The second incident occurred in June when a dilapidated yet lodged-up edifice collapsed in Kalri area of Lyari claiming as it went down another adjacent structure and 22 innocent lives.

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The third in the line was a five-storey edifice constructed on 60 square yards of land in Liaquatabad Number 5, near the Sindhi Hotel. The structure had been declared ‘dangerous’ by the SBCA and was vacated a mere day before it caved in.

Fourth such incident transpired just today the casualties of which have so far been recorded to one with at least six people sustaining injuries.

An isolated event also occurred just a day before the calendar turned 2020 wherein a six-floor dilapidated construction collapsed in Soomra Gali, Ranchore Line, Karachi. The incident took place on December 30 last year, however, no one suffered a casualty.

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As per details,  a six-floor building, having 19 flats tilted down. Getting notice of the matter, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) officials reached the area and had sealed the building.

Luckily the residents were shifted from the building before it collapsed over the empty godown situated into its surroundings.



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