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CAA employee returns lost gold items to passenger

KARACHI: A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) employee on Sunday retuned a packet of gold items to a passenger, who left it at the Peshawar airport lounge, setting an example of honesty, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details, a passenger identified as Bin Yamin, reached Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar, via Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Sharjah.

He left one of his packets at the lounge of the airport, which came into the notice of a CAA supervisor Hameed Rashid who was on patrolling duty at the time.

The CAA employee opened up the packet before two other ASF personnel and found out gold items including a gold ring, earrings, and a locket.

The items were handed over to a duty officer, who traced the passenger using CCTV footage at the Peshawar airport. The passenger was approached and later handed over the valuables after a proper verification process.

The passenger lauded the CAA official and other airport staffers for returning his valuables.

This is not the first time that a CAA employee returned lost items to a passenger.

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On February 12, an employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) returned a lost bag full of valuable items to its owner.

CAA officials returned a bag full of valuables to a passenger flying in from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad who had misplaced the wallet in the lounge of New Islamabad International Airport.

A civil aviation official found the bag and deposited it in CAA’s Lost and Found Departures department.

Later, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Islamabad airport formally handed it over to the real owner after carrying out necessary procedures.



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