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CCTV video captures thieves in Lahore stealing car side-mirrors

LAHORE: A gang of thieves involved in stealing side mirrors of parked vehicles is reported to be on the prowl, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

In the vicinity of Jauhar Town, Lahore, the gang struck earlier in the day depriving the resident of expensive side mirrors of his luxury car.

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A closed-circuit video camera (CCTV) installed at a nearby location caught the thieves in action.

The thieves can be seen stealing the side-mirrors and running away with their loot in the video.

Police are yet to apprehend those involved in the crime despite the availability of video footage.

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Salahuddin, an alleged ATM robber was arrested after being recognized by security officials in Rahim Yar Khan, after a video of him allegedly attempting to steal from an ATM and sticking his tongue out at the camera, went viral.

Salahuddin passed away the next day while he was in police custody, post-arrest. He was reportedly suffering from health issues and was rushed to a hospital when his condition deteriorated, where he succumbed to his injuries.



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