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Juhi stoning incident: Police to seek exhumation of victim

DADU: Police will seek permission from a local court for exhumation of an 11-year-old girl Juhi stoned to death in the name of so-called honour, ARY News reported on Monday.

Police on Saturday arrested parents and two other facilitators in stoning to death incident of the girl in Juhi, a small town in Dadu district of Sindh province.

The stoning incident occurred on November 21 when a 11-year-old girl was stoned to death in the name of honour and was later secretly buried and remained unknown to the law enforcement authorities.

The police responded to the reports and arrested parents of the victim and two other facilitators. A case was also registered with the Dadu police.

The police earlier said that “We have approached a concerned court to acquire permission for exhuming the victim,” the police said adding that a post-mortem examination would be conducted to ascertain the facts of the crime.

The police were investigating the matter from different angles to ascertain the facts, officials said.

Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, an opposition lawmaker in Sindh Assembly, said that the statement of the parents of the stoning victim will likely be due to an influential person of the area.

” Karo-Kari is not a custom of Sindh but it is a murder,” Abbasi said in a talk show of the ARY News.

“It is a murder and legal action should be taken accordingly,” Nusrat Sehar stressed.

“Jirgas are conducted by those sitting in assemblies,” the lawmaker said.

“Bilawal Sahib take care of your province,” Abbasi said while addressing to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, whose Pakistan People’s Party is ruling the Sindh province.



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