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Dr Maha Shah case: Two suspects declared ‘innocent’ after DNA tests


KARACHI: The death case of Dr Maha Shah has taken another turned as police reached a conclusion after declaring two suspects ‘innocent’ following the results of DNA tests, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Karachi police completed its investigation in the Dr Maha Shah death case and cleared two suspects including Dr Irfan Qureshi and Tabish Yasin of rape charges after getting the results of DNA tests from Jamshoro laboratory.

Junaid Khan has been declared as the prime suspect in the case, as well as included Waqas Rizvi among the suspects.

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According to the laboratory report, Dr Maha Shah’s DNA does not match with Dr Irfan and Tabish Yasin’s samples.

The police investigators said in a report that the deceased lady stayed at Dr Irfan’s clinic for around 3.5 hours on the day of her death, however, Dr Irfan Qureshi did not meet her due to a busy day. The investigators found that Dr Maha had also complained with Dr Irfan for not meeting her in the exchange of mobile phone messages.

Moreover, the police found no evidence of any immoral activities and drug consumption in the clinic, whereas, Dr Maha Shah was addictive to cocaine and other drugs which were being supplied by Anmol aka Pinki and her group members.

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The investigation police south said that Saad Siddiqui and Tabish had illegally provided a pistol to Dr Maha which she had used to claim her own life. During the investigation, the police recorded testimonies of 39 witnesses.

The female doctor had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in the Defence area of the metropolis on August 19.

Police had initially said that the doctor had allegedly committed suicide by shooting herself in her home. However, they later filed a case against her friends Junaid Khan, Waqas, Dr Irfan Qureshi and two others on the complaint of her father, who claimed that they had abused his daughter and intoxicated her, which led to her death.



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