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FIA arrests two more of alleged rapist group trapping youth via social media

KARACHI: Four of the group to molest young boys after they entrapped them via social media ads for jobs have been arrested by Federal Investigation Agency on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Earlier the Cyber Crime wing of FIA had arrested two of the group involved in molestation and aggravated sodomy of young men and upon the information extracted, the cybercrime unit found the leads on the other two and arrested them today.

The cyber watchdog recovered evidence from the detained mobile phones of the suspects which further substantiated their notorious activities of blackmailing.

The group of alleged molesters not only sodomized young men after they called them for job interviews, but they targeted teenage and minor boys as well. FIA confirmed.

The cybercrime unit revealed that the network extended across the country and that in total about 40 people work for this group.

Earlier on Sunday, the FIA said that they busted a gang allegedly involved in the sexual assault of youngsters on gunpoint in Karachi after luring them in the name of social media jobs.

READ: FIA busts Karachi gang raping youngsters in the guise of social media jobs

The gang according to the FIA was involved in raping young interviewees on gunpoint who applied for jobs to work on social media platforms and later use obscene footage captured, of the act, to blackmail the victims.

The cybercrime wing authorities came to know regarding the gang after a youngster approached them a few days back and shared his ordeal.

The victim narrated the entire horrific incident saying that he was offered a job from a Whatsapp group named Karachi Call Centre Jobs Group and he went for an interview at a flat in Drigh Road area of the city.



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