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UK man throws infant son into TV cracking his skull after losing bet

A habitual gambler reportedly threw his five month old son into the television cabinet cracking his skull leaving him with permanent brain damage.  

Taylor Biggins, 24, a gambling addict, had lost betting on live football earlier in the day before losing his mind and throwing his baby up against a television cabinet in a fit of rage.

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The resident of Birstall, Leeds, was sentenced to two years and ten months in jail for the heinous act.

It was said that the  baby started crying incessantly when Biggins shook him and threw him across the room towards the TV cabinet.

It is believed that losing a large sum of money on the lost bet may have contributed to his vile act of aggression.

The baby has suffered damage to his retinas but it is not yet clear whether his sight has been permanently harmed while the infant may have to deal with permanent brain damage growing up.

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The infant was found unresponsive when police went to Biggins’ flat in the early hours of the morning, he confessed to the putrid act after initial protesting post arrest.

The baby was brought to a local healthcare facility in critical condition with skull fractures and bleeding to the brain and doctors did not think he would survive, but miraculously he did.



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