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Lightning claims two more lives in Tharparkar

THARPARKAR: At least two persons were killed including a rangers official and three others injured following the lightning strikes in different parts of Tharparkar on Saturday, ARY News reported.

As per details, several incidents of lightning strikes were reported in the Sindh’s Tharparkar district. As a result, two persons were killed and three others wounded.

The lightning incidents in Tharparkar has claimed 7 lives in the ongoing month.

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Earlier rain along with lightning bolts in Tharparkar district on Friday killed 10 animals in different incidents of a lightning strike.

Earlier on Thursday, two persons and more than four animals were killed following the lightning strikes in different parts of Tharparkar.

At least two people lost their lives due to electrical discharges in the atmosphere in a suburban village of Diplo Tehsil, whereas, three camels were killed in Raryaro village of Chachro taluka.

One cow left dead and 10 wounded as the flash hit a herd in another Padhryumora village.



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