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Karachi police make major progress in Marwah rape, murder case

KARACHI: The DNA of both suspects, Faizan and Abdullah, matched with the samples of the victimised five-year-old girl, Marwah, who had been murdered after being subjected to rape in Karachi, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The police investigators have confirmed that DNAs of both Faizan and Abdullah were matched with the victim’s sample in the rape and murder case. The investigators said the minor girl had died while being raped by ‘drunk’ suspects. They added that the suspect Nawaz was not found guilty in the incident.

On September 15, two accused in rape-cum-murder case of five-year-old Marwah in Essa Nagri had confessed to their crime.

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According to the investigation report presented by the police in the case before an anti-terrorism court, both the accused namely Faiz alias Faizu and Abdullah had confessed to their crime of raping and killing of Marwah.

As per the report, Faiz was living near Marwah’s house who abducted her and took to his house, where he along with his accomplice Abdullah raped minor girl Marwah.

Faiz had said in his confessional statement that the girl was raped till death and later, her body was thrown at a trash heap in the area after wrapping her in a piece of cloth.

Marwah was found raped and murdered on September 6, two days after going missing from old Subzi Mandi area. Police had said the girl’s body was found wrapped in a piece of cloth at a trash heap on a plot.



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