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Pakistan Rangers official found missing voice recorder from PK-8303 crash: sources

KARACHI: The person who discovered the missing cockpit voice recorder of the ill-fated PK-8303 is a Pakistan Rangers official, sources privy to the development revealed on Thursday.

Various search parties failed to find the important piece of equipment but in the end a Pakistan Rangers official managed to discover the critical component, sources claimed.

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The Deputy Superintendent of the Rangers’ (DSR) name has been revealed to be Waseem.

The voice recorder is of great importance to the ongoing air crash inquiry being conducted by foreign investigators to pin down the reason for the national tragedy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier in the day directed to ensure transparent and impartial investigations into Karachi plane crash that killed 97 passengers and crew members.

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Presiding over a high-level meeting in Islamabad to review the latest developments in the investigation of the PIA plane crash, PM Imran ordered to make public all reports on fatal plane crashes occurring in the past.

The prime minister was also briefed about facilities provided to the injured and heirs of the victims.



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