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Mureed Abbas and Khizar murder investigations reveal big time investors

KARACHI: Anchorperson Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat’s investigations reveal details of who invested how much in the ponzi tyre scheme being operated by Atif Zaman, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources disclosed that the investigations into the high-profile double murder thus far has revealed that a total of Rs 70 million was invested in Atif Zaman’s tyre trading scheme by close friends of Mureed Abbas.

Slain Khizar Hayat alone had invested Rs 50 million in the scheme.

2 anchors of a private Television channel had invested a collective sum of Rs 80 million, source close to the investigative team disclosed.

The eye witness to the murders, Umer Rehan has invested Rs 5 million in the trading business.

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While a trader who dealt in plastic goods had invested Rs 8.5 million in Atif Zaman’s venture.

Whilst another individual whose name has been revealed as Aqib had invested Rs 5 million in the scam.

The accused murderer Atif Zaman had 11 bank accounts operating in his name, investigations further revealed.

Sources also revealed that the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) would be brought onboard to investigate and trace linkages of the accounts registered in the alleged murderer’s name.

Earlier, on July 11 Atif Zaman, the prime suspect in a case over killing two persons recorded his detailed statement before police and confessed to killing anchorperson Mureed Abbas and Khizer Hayyat.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Tariq Dharejo, the suspect Atif Zaman was involved in embezzlement of millions of rupees and had planned to kill five people when he failed to return the money of clients.

Police said that Atif was involved in embezzlement of money worth over Rs400 million.

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It was also learnt that prime suspect didn’t own any business but has invested money in suspicious business. ‘Atif was a driver a few years ago on a monthly pay of RS,15,000’, said SSP Tariq.

SSP further told that only one arrest has been made so far in the case. A team was formed to arrest his absconding brother.

Atif Zaman had also attempted suicide when he got failed in the matriculation exam, police revealed.

on the other hand, it has been revealed all stakeholders and investors in business with Atif Zaman were being contacted in reference to the homicide.

It has been decided that over 2 dozen individuals would be interviewed by the police over the matter, sources disclosed.

Some people have been called upon today to answer some questions.

The questions are being revealed to be in context of the business, it’s inner workings and dynamics, focusing squarely upon it’s outreach and penetration and profit margins, details about each individuals investment in the venture may also be sough.

Earlier, Mureed Abbas, an anchor on a private news channel was murdered under skeptical circumstances along with another on July 9, the closed circuit camera monitoring (CCTV) footage of the victim from the incident has been acquired by ARY News.

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Further investigations into the matter have revealed that the business was shady and several other noted figures from the media industry along with the lower tier staff had invested their hard earned money in the ponzi idea which was being enacted on the footsteps of the infamous ‘Double Shah’.

It has been claimed that Atif Zaman had reached his tolerance threshold after constant demands from his investors for their due payments from the Tyre business which had driven him to the extreme limits of committing the heinous crime.



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