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25 NGOs, Indian Communist Party protest Occupied Kashmir HR situation

In Mumbai, at least 25 non-profit organizations and the Communist Party of India protested against human right violations in occupied Kashmir.

They said that the Indian government is not serious on preserving the human rights of the residents of occupied Kashmir.

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Charul Joshi from the Communist Party of India demanded restoration of Internet in occupied Kashmir.

Earlier in the day, US based newspaper, The New York Times said, the India’s military lockdown has hit the religious freedom of the people in occupied Kashmir.

It said in its report that the call for prayer (Azan) five times a day from the minarets of the Jamia Masjid and across Srinagar have been silent for nearly four months.

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The New York Times said last summer India implemented a military lockdown in which it pressed harsh curbs on civil rights, arrested thousands of people, blocked internet and phone service, and shuttered important mosques.”



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