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Police catch wild alligator hiding beside a house’s patio

A police officer was called to a home to eject an unwanted visitor which had been observed prowling around by residents, an alligator on the home’s patio.

The Brusly Police Department shared photos on Facebook showing the alligator hiding behind a pair of rocking chairs right outside a door to the home in Allain, Louisiana.

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The department joked the alligator had misplaced its face mask and required police assistance.

The alligator was relocated away from the property by Officer Ron Tetzel.

Earlier on April 23, A Florida police officer called to a resident’s home on a report of a wandering alligator ended up pulling the hissing reptile out from under a car in the home’s driveway.

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The Cape Coral Police Department shared video showing Sgt. Kurt Fundermark working to wrangle the alligator spotted at the Cape Coral home.

“It is just another day at the office,” the department said.



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