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Man roughed up in Okara by fourth wife, fifth wife allegedly a minor

OKARA: A bizarre incident occurred in the city when a man allegedly married to a minor was roughed up by his previous wife in public, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to details, the man whose name was revealed to be Jamal was married for the fifth time to a 13 year old girl and was habitual of marrying and divorcing women in the past.

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The woman who assaulted Jamal claimed that she was his fourth wife and he had married and divorced three women prior marrying her.

The fourth wife had brought along marriage and divorce documents of Jamal’s previous affiliations.

She said that the man has had a history of such wrongdoings and is notorious for marrying and divorcing women after a few days.

Earlier on June 29 the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) in a raid took a criminal gang under arrest who looted grooms after luring them into marrying women part of the syndicate.

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According to details, A woman who was posing as the bride to rob the groom along with three gang members were taken into custody after details of their past shenanigans were made note of to the ACE.

ACE officer Rana Nadeem Iqbal said that the gang was on the law enforcement agency’s radar for quite some time, it was wanted for looting many hopeful families in the past that married off their sons to eventually be swindled.



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