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‘Senate elections a decisive win for PTI’

ISLAMABAD: Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari tweeted on Thursday that the overall Senate elections have been a decisive win for the ruling PTI that has emerged as the single largest party in the upper house of Parliament.

“PM IK [Imran Khan] has chosen to seek a vote of confidence despite the fact that same house – NA – voted by a large margin to elect PTI’s Fauzia Arshad (174 v 161) reflecting PTI’s strength,” she wrote on her official Twitter handle.

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“Certainly loss of Shaikh a setback but fact is PTI has become largest single party in Senate.”

Talking about the PML-N, the minister said the opposition party’s “sparse showing” in the Senate elections should be a sombre message for it.

“PDM chief MFR’s [Maulana Fazlur Rehman] brother lost his seat too! Overall Senate elections have been a decisive win for PTI (emerging as largest single party) & defeat for the motley collection of money-showering PDM parties!”

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“Interesting how PMLN & PPP still remain provincial parties as reflected in Senate elections! Btw those saying “if u think PTI won Senate elections”, it’s not a matter of “thinking” – numbers are there so chk results to see that PTI has emerged as largest single party in Senate!”



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