Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘Fake pir’ extorts Rs40m, 50 tola gold from woman, arrested


LAHORE: Police on Friday arrested a man for allegedly blackmailing a woman with her objectionable video in Lahore.

They said the arrested man extorted a whopping Rs40 million and 50 tola of gold jewellery from the woman by blackmailing her with an objectionable video.

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The man is a fake pir and would extort money from citizens, the police said.

Last month, a fake pir had allegedly raped a woman in Tibba Sultanpur, a town in Punjab province, while claiming to free her of jinn. The woman came from Uch Sharif to visit her relatives when the fake exorcist visited the home and asked the family to go out of the room to free the woman of jinn.

He later subjected the woman to sexual assault. The suspect was apprehended by the family members, who broke down the door of the room after hearing her screams from inside the premises.

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The fake pir managed to ran away from the spot with the support of his associates who also injured the husband and son of the woman after a scuffle.


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