Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Father Nawaz awaits daughter Maryam, critical surgery postponed again


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s personal physician Dr Adnan who is currently with him London said that those not allowing the former premier’s daughter to travel abroad to meet ailing father playing with Nawaz Sharif’s life, ARY News reported.

Dr Adnan posed a question that was Maryan Nawaz being allowed to travel more important or saving the life of an ailing three-time prime minister of Pakistan?

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The physician said that the surgery that the PMLN Supremo would undergo was very critical in nature and a daughter’s presence alongside her father in such critical circumstances was a necessity.

The politician was scheduled to undergo a serious surgery last Thursday but he refused getting operated upon till Maryam Nawaz was by her side.

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Dr Adnan said that the ailing father awaits her daughter and has postponed his high-risk surgery in hopes of meeting her.

Nawaz Sharif’s surgery was postponed for the second time today as he refused to get treated till Maryam Nawaz was allowed to fly to London and be by his side.


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