Thursday, October 21, 2021

Girl uses smartphone to kill boyfriend


A woman in Argentina killed her boyfriend by hitting him with a smartphone on his head, a foreign news agency reported.

A criminal court in the upper part of Argentina is hearing the case of 22-year-old Roxana Adelina Lopez against the killing of Luis Dario Guantay. The incident took place at the victim’s rented home.

The reason for the row is still undetermined.

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The investigation is ongoing and Roxana Adelina Lopez is out on bail.

It is being speculated the suspect will claim to have thrown the mobile after being physically assaulted by her boyfriend.

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He suffered a blow on his head and he was rushed to a hospital where he complained of intense migraines.


He succumbed to his injuries on April 18 but the incident was reported when the investigation mentioned that Roxana was the accused in the court.

She has not been charged for any criminal activity as of this moment.

Luis underwent surgery for brain injuries but could not make it. 

Following his death, his mother raised the matter with the police and asked for action against the woman.

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