Monday, October 3, 2022

Fake policemen caught red-handed while taking extortion in Karachi


KARACHI: Police officials have arrested a fake police party of five persons during a raid conducted at Sabri Chowk in Karachi’s Mominabad neighbourhood, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Police officials told media that five fake cops including a person impersonating as station house officer (SHO) were arrested in the raid. The detainees were involved in many cases of abduction and extortion.

The alleged criminals have been caught red-handed while taking extortion and looting citizens in the area, police said.

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The arrested men are identified as Ahsan Farooqui, Faizan, Shehbaz, Kashif and Shahid. It emerged that one of the group, Ahsan Farooqui, was posing himself a station house officer (SHO).

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the accused men were trafficking drugs besides protecting the culprits involved in the business of narcotics.

fake cops extortion drug peddling karachi

The raiding team also recovered two pistols, police uniforms and belts, dagger and a car. The local police lodged a case against the accused and commenced a thorough investigation.

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Earlier in December last year, an individual who used to masquerade as an on-duty police officer in the metropolis to burgle and extort innocent bystanders had been caught.

The individual had been revealed as a son of a former police officer who looted people on the streets after labelling them as terrorists working under global syndicates like ‘Daesh’.

The accused had targeted people exiting airports, prime targets were mostly those returning from foreign countries.


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