Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Katrina-Vicky wedding ceremony to be live-streamed on OTT platform


Rumours of Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif and co-celebrity Vicky Kaushal striking a deal worth millions for the live streaming of their wedding ceremony is making rounds.

The couple was reportedly offered a whopping amount of INR1 billion by an over-the-top media service for airing the wedding ceremony.

“It’s a common trend in the west for celebrities to sell off their wedding footage and images to magazines and at times even channels, as there are a lot of fans who wish to witness all that happened in the life-changing event of their idol,” the media outlet stated.

It added: “The streaming giant is planning to bring in the same trend in India too and to kick off their wedding franchise, they have offered Rs 100 crore to Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal.”


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There is no official word on the couple agreeing to the deal or not.

Vicky-Katrina marriage: Venue pictures go viral on social media

It is to be noted that the wedding ceremonies will be limited affairs as they have enforced strict rules and regulations.

Neither the names of the guests will be made public nor photography be allowed. A ban will be in place when it comes to sharing pictures on social media platforms whereas they have been refrained from tagging the location of the venue as well.

The guests will not be able to contact people in the outside world till everyone leaves the venue. Moreover, special permission will be required from the wedding planner for getting the visuals published.


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