Petrol Diesel Prices in Pakistan Today

Pakistan’s petrol and diesel prices are a complex mix of global influences and government control. Global crude oil prices and exchange rate fluctuations significantly impact the base price calculated by OGRA using the Import Parity Price formula. This essentially reflects the cost of imported fuel.

Petroleum Type Old Price New Price Effective


PKR 288.49
PKR 273.10
May 16, 2024
High Speed Diesel (HSD)
PKR 281.96
PKR 274.8
May 16, 2024
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)
PKR 166.86
PKR 161.17
May 16, 2024
Kerosene Oil
PKR 186.86
PKR 173.48
May 16, 2024

The government, through OGRA, then reviews and approves these prices, potentially adding subsidies, before they are announced fortnightly. Rising prices negatively impact both individuals and the economy, leading to higher transportation costs, inflation, and potential strain on businesses.