Friday, February 3, 2023

Rainwater joins gutter discharge to flood Karachi roads & disrupt traffic


KARACHI: The vehicles plying on roads across the city find themselves in quandary as large parts of the metropolitan have been flooded with rainwater and the sewage discharge has further added to the trouble slowing down traffic flow, ARY News reported.

Many important thoroughfares and corridors bear the brunt of rains as drains, instead of absorbing the rainwaters, have spilt over and further flooded the roads.

The mounting pressure on the traffic means long queues of grid-locked traffic.

Passageway between Gurumandir and Teen Hatti is one such road that is essential and singular in connecting two most important and heavily traveled areas across Lyari river.

The passage called Jahangir Road is currently marred with unmoving traffic, sewage discharge and rainwater that together render the area hapless.

Traffic personnel, despite being in relatively large numbers, have been unable to resolve the plight of people.

Morning commuters greatly troubled on water-logged Karachi roads

Earlier today, as Karachiites woke up to the news of rain post-midnight today, the masses experienced trouble while commuting to their offices, schools in the morning as water-logged roads greatly obstructed traffic.

The entire path leading to Gulberg Chowrangi from Water Pump remained inundated while the part of Gujjar Nullah spilt over onto the road near Landi Kotal in the central district.

Parts of M. A. Jinnah road have remained under the influence of rainwater as well and have posed challenges to the traffic flow.

Moderate showers begin in some Karachi areas amid new monsoon spell

Additionally, parts of the metropolitan city including Super Highway, Gulshan e Maymar and the adjoining areas began receiving light to moderate rain showers on Thursday as the new monsoon spell began last night.

Rain showers from areas of Malir, Abdullah Goth, Bufferzone, Surjani Town, Yousuf Goth, Nagan Chowrangi, North Nazimabad and North Karachi have also been reported.


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