Monday, July 4, 2022

Horrific: Plane crash lands on bridge, hits vehicle head-on


A plane crash left an air traffic controller dead and five others injured in Miami city of Florida state in the United States.

A foreign news agency reported that Narciso Torres lost his life when his Cessna 172 crashed into a car before it went up in flames on the Haulover Inlet Bridge.

The video of the aftermath of the air crash is viral across social media platforms. 

The crash took place when the plane lost engine power. It hit a van which was carrying three people. 

Miami-Dade Police Spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta mentioned that two others, who were on board the aircraft, could not escape and were rushed to hospitals.

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His body was found after the fire was doused. National Air Traffic Controllers Association expressed their sorrow for what happened.

“This is a terrible tragedy that has sent shock waves throughout our NATCA family,” President Rich Santa stated.

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The identities of the other victims were not disclosed.

A woman and two children, who were in the van, did not sustain serious injuries. They were taken to the medical centre for treatment.

“It is miraculous that you’re traveling in a vehicle, you know, the driver with the two toddlers and you [suffer a] head-on collision with an aircraft and everybody’s OK,” he said. “So we’re thankful for that, but it’s still unfortunate that we did lose somebody on the scene.”

The deceased is getting remembered for his love for flying.

He was a skilled pilot. He was a recognized aircraft dispatcher, mechanic, air traffic tower operator and private pilot. 

According to a Miami-based news agency, he started his career in the aviation industry back in May 2008 at the Orlando International Air Traffic Control Tower.


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