Thursday, October 21, 2021

India: People travel on boats after heavy rainfall


The people of Midnapore city in the Bengal state of India were made to travel on boats as heavy rainfalls caused streets to get water-logged. 

A viral video sees several people sitting on boats with the streets filled with water in the western part of the city. The region is known for floods and heavy rainfalls.

It was reported that intense rainfalls killed scores of people while hundreds of houses were reduced to rubble because of the rough weather.

Approximately 0.3 million people have lost their homes while the western area of the city has been the most affected.

The situation has made the people stay inside their homes while some of them faced severe problems to return to their homes or cities.

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National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) had launched the rescue mission and several teams have been dispatched to control the situation.

A spokesman of the response force team, speaking with the media, has mentioned that additional rescue equipment such as accessories and boats are being used by for stepping up the mission.

Earlier this year, flash floods wreaked havoc in Dharamshala city of Himachal Pradesh state in India which resulted in catastrophic incidents that led to normal life getting crippled and properties getting destroued>and crippling normal life due to heavy rains.

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