Thursday, October 6, 2022

Viral video: Thieves steal 25 mobile phones as guards sleep


A video of thieves stealing 25 mobile phones from a shopping mall’s showroom as the guards slept is going viral across social media. 

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The viral video showed the thieves looting handsets from a shopping mall in Chandigarh city and getting away with the bag, presumably with the smartphones in it. The clip was shared on Instagram by a page called ‘1000 things in Ludhiana’.

An Indian news agency reported that the shopping mall’s management provides security to the shop. The main entry point does not have a lock. Instead, it is locked with an iron chain. 

The report added five security guards were sleeping when the incident unfolded. After waking up to see the shop ransacked, they informed the shop owner Mridul Raj Walia about the looting.

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The shop owners said that the exact loss would be determined after going through the sale and purchase record. The total cost of the stolen 25 smartphones cost INR6 lacs. 

A case has been filed and an investigation is underway. The law enforcement agencies looked at the security camera footage to find clues. 

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Police suspected an employee main be involved in the crime. 

SHO Jasbir Singh said the suspects were seemingly familiar with the store and knew where the phones were kept. 

He added the burglars broke into the cash drawer before opening the almirah with a screwdriver. They threw away the boxes before going away with the phones. 


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