Thursday, December 8, 2022

Here’s why the monkey on motorcycle was left surprised


An amusing video has gone viral on social media that sees a monkey surprised after seeing its reflection on a motorcycle’s mirror.

In the clip, we see that the animal is relaxed while pretending to look cool as if it is riding the parked motorcycle.

The monkey finds the mirror of the bike, with one of its hands on the handle. He looks at the mirror but it is left baffled over his reflection. He stays put in the front of the bike’s mirror for a moment before making faces at his own reflection.


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In a state of confusion, the monkey starts to scratch his head in confusion and goes on to hit the mirror.

The hilarious clip was posted on the picture and video-sharing application Instagram several days ago. It proved to be a hit on the social media platform and has got at least 3,700 likes.

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There were countless comments on the post with many of them having laughing and smiley emojis.

This is not the first time that hilarious clips of monkeys amusing humans with their clever antics has surfaced.

Previously, a hilarious video of a mischievous monkey that occupied a chair at a government school’s principal office made rounds on social media.


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