Sunday, February 5, 2023

‘Dacoit’ gunned down by Karachi citizen in Orangi Town


KARACHI: An alleged dacoit was gunned down by a Karachi citizen in Orangi Town on Thursday, ARY News reported.

The incident took place in Orangi Town Number 4 area when dacoits on a motorcycle tried to loot citizens sitting outside their home. Police said that a passerby was also injured by the firing resorted to by the dacoits while trying to flee from the scene.

Police said that a citizen gunned down one of the dacoits by using his licenced weapon. A dacoit was killed on the spot while his two accomplices managed to flee from the scene.


In September, an alleged dacoit had succumbed to his wounds after being caught and tortured by citizens in Karachi’s Metroville area.

Police had said that an alleged dacoit was beaten to death by citizens in the Metroville area of Karachi while two of his accomplices managed to flee from the scene.

Police had said that three dacoits tried to loot a citizen but they faced resistance from him. The locals were alarmed by the happening and surrounded the gang of dacoits. The local managed to catch one of the dacoits and subjected him to brutal torture.

Police added that the alleged dacoit succumbed to his wounds while being shifted to the hospital.

Several videos surfaced on social media that showed citizens resisting street criminals after law enforcers’ inaction to control the robberies and other crimes, whereas, Karachi police also intensified crackdowns to curb the street crimes.


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