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Alleged MQM-L target killer makes shocking claims

KARACHI: Local police caught a target killer on Monday who allegedly belongs to Muttahida Qaumi Movement London (MQM-L), ARY News reported.

According to details, the individual has confessed that he has been a target killer for almost 18 years and has killed more than 35 people in his lifetime.

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The target killer also claimed that Karachi’s peace and prosperity was destroyed at the hands of politicians who had tried to gain control of country’s financial hub.

The accused’s name has been revealed to be Alam Khan who said that joblessness made him go down the road of target killing where each murder fetched him an amount of 75 to 100 thousand rupees.

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He further said that him and his accomplices performed thorough Reiki of their victims and then targeted their head and chest areas to ensure minimum chances of survival.

“We got instructions via telephone, the orders would be to kill certain people whom we did not know, their identities were revealed in next day’s newspaper,” said Alam.

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“We killed politcians, businessmen among others. A few times we killed the wrong people after getting hazy instructions, the city had six target killers when I started now there might be 600.”

Alam Khan also said that he wanted to quit the field and regretted his decisions in life which led him to become a target killer.



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