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French firm refurbishes earnings via old iPhones

2 hours ago
PARIS: One company in northern France is doing its profitable best to give an environmental makeover to smartphones, whose circuitry, batteries and plastics have become a polluting blight over the past decade. With their rapid life…

Smartphones: a double-edged sword for terrorists

5 hours ago
PARIS: Bombs and guns aside, a smartphone can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a terrorist -- but it can also provide intelligence services with the tools to track them down. Three years ago to the day, the Paris attacks of November…

How to drive a robot on Mars

18 hours ago
CALIFORNIA: Some 78 million miles (126 million kilometers) from Earth, alone on the immense and frigid Red Planet, a robot the size of a small 4x4 wakes up just after sunrise. And just as it has every day for the past six years, it awaits…

Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X models

3 days ago
Apple Inc said on Friday it had found some issues affecting some of its iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook pro products and said the company would fix them free of charge. The repair offers are the latest in a string of product quality…