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CCTV footage shows police inaction against dacoits busy in looting citizen

KARACHI: A CCTV footage showed a police van avoiding to take action against three armed dacoits who were busy in looting a citizen outside a medical store in Karachi, ARY News reported.

The footage captured the moment armed dacoits came to the scene on motorcycles and surrounded a citizen standing outside the medical store near Quaidabad, Landhi of the metropolis.

Meanwhile, a police van arrived on the crime scene which was being driven by a plain-clothed official. However, it did not stop saving the citizen from dacoits and silently went away from the crime scene.

cctv footage karachi police van dacoits inaction

The incident raised questions over the police inaction against the street criminals despite citizens are suffering the worst situation of lawlessness almost in every part of the metropolis.

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The dacoits were seen alerted after observing the police van coming closer to them. One of the dacoits moved back to his motorcycle, however, it went back to the citizen to snatch cash and valuables after the police van got off from the crime scene without even slowing it down.

cctv footage karachi police van dacoits inaction

The CCTV footage was uploaded on social media which drew the ire of netizens especially those living in Karachi. It was learnt that the dacoits looted the citizen outside the medical store located in the Sherpao Colony of Landhi.

Surprisingly, police authorities were clueless about the patrol vehicle’s concerned police station as the footage has no clear view of the van’s number plate nor the official in the driving seat was identified.

It also exposed the violation of orders for writing the names of the local police stations on all of their patrol vans, even it belongs to different departments like investigation, operation or Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and from high-security zones.

Police authorities said they are investigating the presence of more officials in the patrol van. They added that a thorough probe is underway to ascertain the facts and further action will be taken soon.

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Earlier on April 6, it emerged that a man, who looted half a dozen shops at the University Road in Karachi within a span of few days and was captured on CCTV footage during a robbery at juice centre the other day, robbed the same shop again after the owner released CCTV footage.

According to details, a man robbed the same shop, located at Karachi’s University Road, twice after the shop owner shared CCTV footage with police.



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