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Family paid Rs2mn for Dua Mangi’s release: sources

KARACHI: Dua Mangi who was abducted from a posh area in Karachi on December 1 has safely returned home after paying off 2 million rupees to the abductors, sources claimed.

Dua Mangi’s family has decided to not say much on a possible ransom being paid for the recovery of their daughter but have asked media and those concerned to respect their privacy.

As reported earlier, the car used for the abduction was in fact stolen from the populace Tariq Road area of Karachi.

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The car which was speculated to be involved as the vehicle used to undertake the deed was indeed the one that was stolen a few days prior.

خالد بن ولید روڈ سے چھینی ہوئی کار ہی دعا منگی کے اغوا میں ملوث نکلی

خالد بن ولید روڈ سے چھینی ہوئی کار ہی دعا منگی کے اغوا میں ملوث نکلی — اے آر وائی نیوز نے 2 دسمبر کو خبر نشر کی تھی — ملزمان یکم دسمبر کو شارع فیصل تھانے کی حدود میں کار چھوڑ کر فرار ہوئے#ARYNews #DuaMangi

Posted by ARY News on Saturday, December 7, 2019

A granite colored honda civic ‘eagle eye’, was snatched in a street crime prior to the abduction. The owner of the car told that his car was forcibly taken away from him at gun-point on November 27.

Sources privy to the information revealed that the local police station had reported a fake recovery of the stolen vehicle on December 3.

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Sources claimed that the abductors had abandoned the car used to undertake the kidnapping that very day in the vicinity of the Shahrah e Faisal police station.

The local police made it seem like that the car was recovered from the Rabia City area of the metropolis on a later date, all of this hints to a massive lapse on the part of the police or a possible collusion with the abductors.

Sources further entailed that all possible clues that may have been inside the vehicle were washed away and removed after the police found it on the day of the abduction and then planned on showing its recovery from another place on December 3.

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Investigation officers remained hopeless after the recovery of the said vehicle due to the removal of evidence prior.

It has also been claimed that to authenticate the lie, the police pulled out the music system, a few tools and the spare tyre from the car.



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