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PML-N behind the attacks on me and PIC: Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan

LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Information, Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan in a joint press conference with other government dignitaries apprised the media over the development and the reason why he was beaten by lawyers after reaching on-site, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The minister said that he had gone with the intention to broker peace between the lawyers and doctors who were at each other’s throats.

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“I went there undertaking personal risk to my well being in context to the situation prevalent at the hospital, upon reaching I was humiliated, beaten and attacked, said Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan.

The minister said that he heard the crowd shouting among themselves when they had me cornered, some wanted to abduct me and others kept abusing and physically harming me.

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Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan revealed that the lawyer who laid the first hand on him has been detected and verified, “he is a close aide of Maryam Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif, an advocate from their inner circle.”

The minister added that political activists hired by various opposition parties played a malicious role in the incident and helped flare up the situation.

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“The incident, chaos, anarchy and the attack on me were all planned and executed by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) claimed the Minister for Information, Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan.

The minister also claimed that the vigilantes tried to kill policemen and also directed gun shots at him, which he remained safe from.



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