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Man dies in Karachi after being dared to ingest pressurised air

KARACHI: A man in the metropolis was allegedly dared to ingest pressurised gas through the hose pipe, he undertook the task succumbing to peer pressure and paid dearly for it, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The unfortunate incident that occured today in the area of Baldia Town, Karachi has been reported to the local police who are currently on the lookout for alleged perpetrators, Asad and Sanaullah.

The man, namely Sher Khan’s body was blown up to such an extent that he passed away, the dead body was brought to a hospital in the mega city by two individuals who ran away from the premises, leaving the body there.

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The two individuals who brought the body to the hospital have been revealed as Asad and Sanaullah who brought the body to Karachi’s Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

The sources of the healthcare institute revealed that Sher Khan had ingested pressurised air through a pipe on a dare which resulted in the tragedy.

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The deceased, Sher Khan was a vehicle driver by profession.



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