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Police using geofencing technology in Marwah rape and murder case

KARACHI: Police investigators have started using geofencing technology in Marwah rape and murder case for ascertaining the location of suspects detained by the security officials over suspicion of their involvement in the cold-blooded incident in Karachi, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The investigators told media that geofencing of the detained persons will help the police department to track the suspects’ locations. Police officials said that a ‘prime suspect’, Nawaz, is being interrogated who is consistently changing its statements time by time.

They added that Nawaz has failed to provide satisfactory answers to the investigators so far which increased the suspicions of his involvement in the brutal rape and murder of the five-year-old girl. Police claimed that many evidence are also indicating the involvement of the prime suspect.

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In order to resolve the criminal case, the police department is waiting for the DNA report, however, further action will be taken against the accused person if he confessed his crime before the release of the DNA report.

Earlier on Tuesday, the raiding teams of Karachi police had arrested 15 more suspects to expand the sphere of investigations in 5-year-old Marwah murder case as the real culprits are still unknown.

The police had concluded its search operation in the Old Subzi Mandi area with more than 15 people arrested on suspicion. All the suspects are from the vicinity and were arrested as the family expressed their suspicion, police confirmed.

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Until now the police had collected more than 30 DNA samples from the people living in the same area. “We are perusing the past records of all those arrested as well,” police said.

#JusticeForMarwah’ became a top trend on Twitter as the nationals raised voice for strict action against the culprits over the cold-blooded killing of a five-year-old girl in Karachi.

The terrorising report of the incident took place on Sunday morning spreads like wildfire across the country when the police officials found a five-year-old girl missing since two days stuffed inside a gunny bag in the port city’s Essa Nagri neighbourhood on Saturday late night. They said the body was found abandoned in a trash heap on an empty plot in Pir Bukhari colony.



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