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Osama Satti’s killing: Victim’s father says ‘shooting was a deliberate act’

ISLAMABAD: The father of Osama Satti, who was shot dead by the firing of Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF) personnel in Islamabad, has claimed that the shooting was a deliberate act, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The relatives of the deceased youth, Osama Satti, conducted a press conference in Islamabad today where the victim’s father denied the claims of the police forces.

“If Osama was present inside his car when the police officials opened fire, there should be bullet marks on the driving seat. Osama had received a bullet on his leg and even a sharpshooter cannot shot a bullet on a person’s leg who is sitting inside his car.”

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“My son was dragged out of his vehicle before resorting to firing on him. It is indeed a deliberate act of shooting. Osama’s car was like a toy in front of the security van of the personnel. If they were chasing the vehicle, then who has opened fire on my son’s car from the front side.”

The victim’s father said that he has spent three nights without sleeping and he is not having any hope of justice so far in the shooting case of his son.

Earlier on January 2, five Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF) officials had been arrested for opening fire on a vehicle, leaving a youth dead in Islamabad.

The incident had taken place in Islamabad’s G-10 where the security officials shot multiple fires on a ‘suspicious’ vehicle after allegedly trying to stop the driver many times.

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Police had made claims that the officials chased a suspicious ‘vehicle with tinted glasses and tried to stop it many times’. However, after many failed attempts to stop the car, the personnel shot fires on the tyre but unfortunately, the driver received two bullets to his body which later led to his death.

On the other hand, the victim’s father had claimed that 16 to 17 bullet marks are present on the car’s body but not a single bullet was shot on the tyres.

Following the incident, Inspector General (IG) Islamabad police had ordered to immediately launch a thorough probe into the firing case and constituted an investigation team headed by deputy inspector general (DIG).



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