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Cambridge lecturer likens attacks on Indian Muslims to Jews’ pogrom by Nazis

A lecturer of Cambridge University of United Kingdom (UK), Priya Gopal, has resembled the attacks on Muslims in India with the pogrom of Jews carried out by Nazis in 1938, ARY News reported on Friday.

Priyamvada Gopal said in an interview to “drop the language of ‘clashes,’ and even ‘riots’ and ‘communal violence'” when describing Hindu nationalist attacks on Muslims in India. She says there is an uneven distribution of power between these groups and calls it “deep, structural violence.”

She criticised international media for presenting the violence against Muslims as ‘conflict between equal and opposite sides as it is a kind of religious fight.

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While slamming the Indian rulers, Ms Gopal said: “There is a majoritarian, supremacist party in power in India and mobs are directly incited by senior Indian politicians who are roaming around in Muslim majority areas, killing and beating people after identifying them as Muslim. This is not the situation of equality.”

Priya Gopal Cambridge University Muslims Jews genocide Nazis India


She continued, “This is not a situation where an equal and opposite forces are in conflict, it is not even a civil war. What we have is a very dangerous supremacist ideology that is now out on the streets. And I am afraid that parallels with 1930’s Germany are extremely clear. And what is taking place in Delhi in the last couple of days, is comparable with Kristallnacht [Night of Broken Glass] when Jewish businesses were attacked and set on fire.”

“I think, the world really needs to wake up to the gravity of the situation in India because we are in the situation not unlike what was happening in Germany in 1930s,” the lecturer added.

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The video is also shared by Prime Minister Imran Khan on his Twitter account which acknowledges his stance for the Narendra Modi-led Indian government following the footsteps of Nazism by using the name of Hindutva ideology.

PM Imran Khan said in response of the video, “Images coming out of Muslim homes & businesses being burnt, Muslims being beaten & killed, mosques & graveyards being burnt & desecrated are similar to Jews fleeing the pogrom in Nazi Germany. The world must accept this brutal reality of the Modi fascist racist regime & stop it.”

“As I have stating repeatedly, Modi’s Hindu Supremacist agenda is akin to the Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s while  the major powers appeased Hitler. Modi conducted pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat as CM & now we are seeing the same in New Delhi.”

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He commented on the video, “Priya Gopal, Lecturer at Cambridge Uni likens attack on Muslims, their mosques, homes & businesses in New Delhi to the pogrom of Jews carried out by the Nazis, esp in 1938 – the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) when Nazis attacked Jews, their synagogues, homes, businesses.”

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It is pertinent to mention here that the death toll in ongoing protests against the citizenship amendment law (CAA) has jumped to 38 with more than 300 people have been injured so far.

Homes, shops, two mosques, two schools, a tyre market and a fuel station were torched.

Monday’s clashes were among the worst seen in New Delhi since the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) began in early December.



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