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Viral video shows alligator swimming outside home

A woman in Alabama shared a hair-raising video of a massive alligator swimming in floodwaters outside her home after Hurricane Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores.

Tina Bennett, a resident of Gulf Shores, Alabama posted the video on her social media account where the huge gator can be seen swimming in her front yard flooded by the hurricane.

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“Oh, my God, this is outside of our window,” Bennett says in the video. “It is a 10- or 12-foot alligator.”

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She said this one reptile isn’t the only dangerous wildlife encounter she’s had as a result of the storm.

“We have been surrounded by water, alligators, and poisonous snakes,” she wrote in the post.

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Hurricane Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores earlier this week as a Category 2 storm, bringing high winds, life-threatening flooding and knocking power out for hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf Coast.



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