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Cleric attack case: ‘Attackers used delivery motorbikes to transfer money, weapons’

KARACHI: The Deputy Inspector General Counter-Terrorism Department (DIG-CTD) Omar Shahid Hamid has said that the investigation into the attack on a cleric in Karachi’s Jamshed Quarters revealed the involvement of ‘Zahid Shooter’ group that is getting orders from foreign secret agencies to disrupt peace, ARY News reported on Monday.

While addressing a press conference, DIG-CTD Omar Shahid Hamid said that Maulana Abdullah had faced an attack on life a few days ago. He said that after a thorough investigation, the department found that it was not a sectarian network, but a splinter group of Lyari gang war called ‘Zahid Shooter group’  was involved in the attack.

A terrorist named ‘Zahid Shooter’ formed a splinter group comprising assassins of Lyari gang war, said Omar Shahid Hamid, adding that the group is working for foreign secret agencies.

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It emerged that the professional killers used motorcycles similar to delivery services. Following the revelations, CTD took a major step to stop the terrorist attacks by deciding to commence scrutiny of all online delivery services.

“Motorcycles of online delivery services were used for fund transfers and supplies of weapons in the attack.”

Omar Shahid Hamid said that all companies will be bound to provide full details of its delivery persons. He added that ambulances had been used in past for carrying out illegal activities, however, the department will keep a tight eye on the developments.

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He claimed that Maulana Abdullah had been attacked to initiate sectarian violence in the city. He added that Maulana Hamdullah was not on the hit list of the group, however, they had planned to target many personalities.

The DIG-CTD said that the groups could be called ‘sleeper cell’ or ‘contract killer’ in accordance with the probe into the case. Zahid Shooter remained an active member of Lyari gang war and each member created its own group after the powerful groups had been fizzled out.

CTD in-charge Raja Umar Khattab told media that the target killers posing as delivery boys were carrying out the attack and all members of Zahid Shooter group are professional killers. Criminals from Golimar and Lyari have been recruited in the group, he added.

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Khattab revealed that Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), is operating the group working with the code name of ‘Zahid Shooter’.

The revelations were made after the officials of Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) initiated a thorough investigation after taking custody of an arrested man allegedly involved in an attack on a prayer leader Mufti Abdullah in Karachi’s Jamshed Town.

The imam of a local mosque had been attacked by unidentified assailants in Karachi on October 31 while one of the attackers was allegedly caught by local residents and handed him over to the police.



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