Thursday, January 20, 2022

Watch: 44-foot pyramid of washing machines creates Guinness World Record


In order to raise awareness about electronic recycling, a British company set a Guinness World Record by assembling 1,496 recycled washing machines into a 44-foot pyramid.

Currys PC World arranged the appliances into a pyramid measuring 44 feet and 7 inches tall, making the largest washing machine pyramid, according to Guinness World Records.

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A survey conducted by the company revealed that 68 per cent of British people are perplexed about where and how to dispose of their electronic waste despite free collection and drop-off services.

The UK firm decided to set the first record for the largest washing machine pyramid during National Recycling Week in September this year.

The pyramid shone light on the company’s “New Life Not Landfill” commitment, a scheme that gives old appliances a new life through either recycling, repairing or re-homing.

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The pyramid’s square base consisted of 256 washing machines, measuring 31 feet, 7.5 inches on each side. It had no supporting structures to keep it in place.

All the washing machines used to make the pyramid will be recycled.


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