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Tea shops razed in DHA Karachi after Dua Mangi kidnap incident

KARACHI: The police department and local administration have taken a surprise step of bulldozing several tea shops in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) which is being said as security measures after rising incidents of kidnapping including Dua Mangi’s abduction, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The controversial move was jointly taken by the local police department and DHA administration as it ordered owners of all tea shops and cafes to shut 12 midnight before razing it to ground level as it seemingly continued in view of kidnapping incident of Dua Mangi.

When questioned by ARY News correspondent, a local expressed outrage over the demolition of tea shops which snatched jobs of many people by terming it as a security measure taken after Dua Mangi case.

Tea shops razed DHA Karachi Dua Mangi kidnap


He said that is it the responsibility of hotel owners to provide security to Dua Mangi or you expect waiters to prevent people from being kidnapped? “How can you justify unemployment of hundreds of people due to a girl when the government is not offering proper jobs to them?” he added.

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A waiter said that they [police] came to them and suddenly ordered to close the shops at 12 midnight.

Another waiter expressed deep anger over being unemployed, saying that he has only two rotis [bread] in his shopper and how could he run his home now.

“I used to visit here with family members but the harassment started by the DHA [administration] and police is not beneficial for anyone,” a customer said.

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Many residents have also opposed the demolition of shops in the area and suggested the authorities to pay attention to providing security to the citizens but not to snatch jobs and businesses from the tea shop owners, as well as the employees working there.

They also urged DHA administration and police department to review its decision for removing the tea shops from the area.

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Ms Mangi and her friend, Haris, were strolling along the road in DHA’s Bukhari Commercial area when unidentified armed men in a car intercepted them and took away the girl after shooting and injuring her friend.

Her kidnapping triggered a public uproar on social media with protests held to press for her early and safe release.



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