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Uzair Baloch’s ‘right-hand man’ killed in Karachi

According to details, Ali Butt was Uzair’s right-hand man and carried out a murder on the behest of the nefarious gang-war leader. Police revealed Ali Butt had kidnapped young men from the areas of Lyari, Dhobi Ghat and Shershah. After killing them, he had cut their bodies into pieces and dumped them into Lyari River.

Further details by police revealed that Butt had been in hiding at Chanesar Goth ever since the operation in Karachi had begun. He had befriended Uzair Baloch in prison and it was Uzair who had posted bail for the suspect. Ali Butt was running the network of Nawaz aka Cobra and Irfan Jabal in Chanesar Goth.

Before going to prison, Ali Butt had been the activist of a certain political party. He was wanted by Lyari police in Cases pertaining to murder, attempted murder, extortion and kidnapping.



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