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SBP blocks payments for subscribing Indian content in Pakistan

A notification has been issued in this regard.

PEMRA slaps complete ban on airing Indian content in Pakistan

Channels cannot invite any Indian journalist, politician or a celebrity in the talk show.

Supreme Court slaps ban over airing Indian content

KARACHI: Supreme Court (SC) on Saturday slapped a ban over airing Indian content on Pakistani channels, after setting aside a decision of Lahore High Court,...

Celebrities protest outside supreme court to ban foreign content on Pakistani channels

KARACHI: Pakistani Drama and film celebrities protested in front of the Supreme Court on Saturday demanding ban on foreign content on local channels. United Producers Association yesterday tweeted...

Pemra raids against devices telecasting Indian content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Election Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) continues its crackdown against illegal Indian Direct To Home (DTH) devices and cable operators telecasting Indian content...

PEMRA announces to suspend channels airing Indian content

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority on Tuesday announced that it can suspend the licenses of channels airing illegal Indian content, ARY News reported.