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Do you know how to eat a pizza properly?

It’s nothing to shock about, if you’ve never been told how to eat pizza. Well it’s understood given hectic busy life and household chores that can’t let you keep everything on checklist. And when it comes to having pizza, you can’t…

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ touted as Hollywood watershed

Rich, dashing man sweeps sweet young girl off her feet. It´s the fantasy to launch a thousand love stories, but Hollywood´s latest rom-com oozes more than sentimental escapism. "Crazy Rich Asians," a two-hour celebration of fabulous…

Arab girl’s kiki challenge fail goes viral!

Most of netizens have heard and attempted this viral dance challenge known as the 'Kiki Challenge'. Also known as "In My Feelings challenge", the Kiki challenge involves jumping out of moving car and dancing alongside it to Drake's hit…