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Salman themed restaurant 'The Bhaijaanz' opens in Mumbai!

Salman seems to have done it all. From kicking in doors, tossing multiple villains several feet into the air and slapping around jocks as big as himself, there’s hardly any feat he hasn’t achieved as of yet. The Bollywood superstar, however, was uniquely honored when five die hard fans of his opened a restaurant in his honor and based the entire theme on Sallu bhai!

Started by five Salman fans, namely Rahul Kanal, Tabrez Shaikh, Sohail Siddique, Kursheed Khan and Zafar Sayed Yusuf, the restaurant has been styled in accordance with Salman Khan’s preferences and belongings. The entrance to The Bhaijaanz (yeah, that’s what they named it!). restaurant is a replica of Salman’s owned home at Galaxy Apartments. As you enter into the restaurant to book a table and have a nice meal, the ambiance is all about Salman, understandably. The walls are dotted with famous Salman Khan dialogues from movies past and present as well as sketches of the actor. One sketch has attracted the most attention in which Sallu mian’s head is painted atop The Hulk’s physique! The five die hard fans who honored Salman with this restaurant also didn’t forget about his famous blue-stoned bracelet, fashioning an entire table out of it.

Enough of the ambiance and the atmosphere related to Salman. If you sit down at a table and ponder over which dish to savor, the menu titles are bound to captivate your eye! From dishes like Barra Chicken Chaap, The Mutton Dole Shole Kebaab, Dum Gosht ki Biryani and Butter Naan, you are in for a treat! Anda apna apna’, ‘Ek garam chai ki pyali ho’, ‘Dabang 1 and Dabang 2 are some treats you might want to sink your teeth into.

The one of a kind menu!

In India, Bollywood superstars are honored with temples, places of worship, paintings and waxed statues as well. However, nothing beats a good old restaurant where you can be mesmerized by your favorite star and all his highlighted depictions whilst having a delicious meal!



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